General GGFT Info.

GGFT’s mission is to operate safe, reliable, inexpensive transportation to the public. It is operated as a Dept of the City of Glens Falls, NY. In addition to passengers fares, GGFT services are made possible with the assistance of the Federal Transit Administration, the NYS Dept. of Transportation, and local municipalities. GGFT operates all of its services without regard to race, color, or national origin. 

All of GGFT’s buses and trolleys are wheelchair accessible. Persons with disabilities that prevent them from using accessible buses may apply to use GGFT’s FAME paratransit service. Applications to use this service are avialable by contacting GGFT at 792-1085. 

Bus schedules are subject to traffic and weather conditions, which at times can cause delays. When this happens your patience is appreciated.